At LUX Technical we love the world of technology, production, lighting and sound and all that it can do. Our Production blog explores how you can achieve maximum engagement in these areas. In addition we also look at ideas and subjects related to immersive production. Follow our thoughts and thinking as we deliver event across the world.


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The meaning behind tech terms

So often it can feel as if you tech company can be speaking in another language. The terms used and the names of the equipment can be baffling for the standard person. Even an experienced event manager can feel overwhelmed. Therefore we’ve created a guide to popular technical terms and equipment titles and what they […]

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The strangest production moments we’ve had

We love our jobs and that we get to design event spaces that are often there for a matter of hours. We have to react to the environment that we’re in and that often means thinking on our feet. Part of being a good team means that you react to a situation, you adapt. Due […]

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What to consider when it comes to sound at outdoor events.

Sound is critical, regardless of the setting, however, when we’re talking an outdoor event, all of a sudden the stakes are even higher. You have the elements to contend with, usually a large surface area to cover. So what do we do? How do we make sure impact is had and nothing is lost by […]

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5 top reasons why sound is so important at events

Of course we are true believers of the power of sound at events. We sat down to think just why it’s so powerful and hope the following inspires you to think differently about the sound at your future events. We think it has huge impact in the following ways: Sound evokes memories Evoking memories, especially […]

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6 tips on how to become a confident public speaker

Public speaking, for so many, is a daunting task. But it doesn’t need to be. There are lots of well known public speakers who on the face of it, seem very relaxed and confident. However they’re actually shy or nervous but they just don’t show it. Public speaking is something most people will do at […]

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Top 6 cameras everyone should consider to capture their event

Everyone wants that picture perfect Instagram shot of their event, planners and guests alike. We thought we’d offer up some suggestions on the different types of cameras you should consider for your event. Some may not be what you seem. Believe us when we say you don’t need to be spending thousands of pounds on […]

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