• Amphenol Amphe-Dante Single Channel

Amphenol Amphe-Dante Adapter – Single Channel

Day Price: £12
Week Price: £36

Amphe-Dante are Dante™ audio to analogue audio adapters, each with one RJ45 Dante™ input, and one and two (respectively) AX series XLR analogue outputs in a molded housing.

Amphe-Dante products enable simple connection of analogue equipment to a Dante™ network and can receive audio channels from a Dante™ network and provide studio-quality, low-latency audio via an XLR connector to analogue audio equipment. Any audio available on the Dante™ network can be routed via the XLR outputs to an amplifier, powered speaker, mixing console, digital signal processor (DSP), or other analogue audio device.

Included is a 48V POE Injector to power the Amphe-Dante Adapters.

  • Dante® audio input
  • Durable overmolded housing
  • RJ45 metal connectors with integrated LED’s
  • AX Series XLR connectors
  • Resilient cable strain relief
  • One channel analogue output

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