• Sennheiser G3 SKM 500 - 935 Handheld Radio Mic Hire

Sennheiser G3 SKM 500 – SKM935 Handheld

Day Price: £10
Week Price: £30

The Sennheiser G3 SKM 500 – 935 handheld radio microphone is a high-quality super-cardioid microphone/transmitter. Evolution 900 series microphone capsule with outstanding powerful, cutting sound. Highest feedback rejection. Auto-Lock function avoids accidental changing of settings.

  • Sturdy metal housing
  • Increased range for audio sensitivity
  • Illuminated graphic display
  • Battery indication in 4 steps, also shown on receiver display
  • HDX compander for crystal-clear sound
  • Pilot tone squelch for elimination RF interferance

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