• LSC MDRX 10-Way DMX Splitter Hire

LSC MDRX 10-Way DMX Splitter with RDM

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The MDR range of splitters are DMX512A (ANSI E1-11) compatible data splitters available in a 19” rack mount model or in a compact portable model.

All MDR units offer an inbuilt DMX termination switch and a choice of 5-pin or 3-pin XLR style input and output connectors. A pass through connector allows multiple units to be connected together to create a greater number of isolated outputs.

The fully isolated DMX outputs ensure that no matter which vintage DMX products you have, you will not have any earth loop problems.

  • 10 five pin buffered DMX outputs
  • DMX Protocol: ANSI DMX512A Standard E1.11:2008 (R2013)
  • RDM Protocol: ANSI RDM Standard E1.20:2010
  • Galvanic Isolation Barrier: 1500 Volts
  • Auto input frequency selection: 47Hz – 63Hz
  • Conformity: CE, Ctick

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