StageSmarts C72tv Power Distribution Unit

Day Price: £250
Week Price: £750

The C72tv is a 400A large-scale power distribution unit designed to meet all the requirements of delivering safe and reliable power to the modern-day entertainment industry.

Seventy-two channels equipped with industrial-grade hydraulic-magnetic breakers and very precise individual residual current detection on each output. Thermal stability, better tolerance against earth-leakage and better handling of intermittent peak currents will enable you to connect even more complex loads on each channel.

  • Modular outputs are Socapex
  • 6 No. 16a 1PH+N+E
  • 1 No. 16a 3PH+N+E
  • 1 No. 32a 3PH+N+E
  • 1 No. 63a 3PH+N+E
  • 400A Power-Feed
  • Shock Mounted
  • Hydraulic-Magnetic RCBOs

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