• Interspace Industries MicroCue2-L Presentation Remote Hire

Interspace Industries MicroCue2-L 2 Presentation Remote

Day Price: £30
Week Price: £90

The MicroCue2-L 2 utilises the renowned Interspace Industries wireless remote cueing system which allows for full presenter mobility on stage.

The small, portable and ruggedly designed MicroCue2 can be set up in only minutes and is powered via USB connection to a computer. The presenter can signal either ‘forward’ or ‘back’ cues during their presentation and by using the USB (1.1) interfaces they can directly control either or both of the USB ports when connected to computers running PowerPoint or Keynote presentations if required.

This provides for the simultaneous control of a main and back-up version, translation version or a special notes version of the presentation.  The remote control cue buttons can also be programmed to control the presentation in specific ways (e.g. return to the beginning of the presentation, jump to a specific slide number, etc).

  • Integrated Class 2 green laser
  • Dual USB interface ports for direct control of up to two computers
  • Audible cue via headphone jack socket
  • Simple setup
  • Rugged portable design
  • Fully CE and FCC compliant

If you would like to hire an Interspace Industries MicroCue2-L or if you would like to receive a full catalogue of the products we hire, please get in touch using the following:

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