• HK Audio Contour CT 118 Sub Hire

HK Audio Contour CT 118 Sub

Day Price: £25
Week Price: £75

The HK Audio Contour CT 118 Sub is a direct-radiating bass reflex subwoofer designed for use in active sound reinforcement systems. It was developed specifically for deployment in combination with the HK Audio Contour Series™ cabinets CT 108, CT 112 and CT 115. Loaded with a neodymium woofer, the CT 118 Sub is extremely compact and lightweight. Delivering uniform bass response, it renders impulses with accuracy and authority even at peak loads. The CT 118 Sub is the perfect choice of bass bin for high-performance front-of-house systems and drum/side fills.

  • Power Capacity RMS/program/peak: 1000/2000/4000 watts
  • Max. SPL peak (Half Space): 131 dB
  • Frequency response +/-3 dB: 41 Hz – 350 Hz

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