• Martin ELP PAR IP


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The Martin ELP PAR IP static LED fixture redefines static wash lighting, boasting unmatched lumen output, a high-intensity narrow zoom, full-gamut colour calibration, and intelligent rigging and control features. Its IP65 rating ensures suitability for indoor and outdoor use, with quick installation aided by a swift focus system and clear angle indicators. With a broad zoom range for stage illumination and aerial beam effects, advanced colour calibration, extended colour mode, and CTC channel, this versatile LED fixture sets a new performance standard, perfect for enhancing outdoor/indoor theatres, festivals, exhibitions, and corporate events, illuminating stages with vibrant colour and captivating beam effects.

  • 7 x 40W RGBW
  • Colour Teperature Range: 1,800–12,850 K
  • IP65 rating
  • Quick Focus mode allows installation and focusing without the need for a console operator
  • Zoom: 5.5–50˚
  • 48 color presets, virtual color wheel effects

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