LUX Technical supply a wide range of lighting fixtures for hire. From Robe Pointe’s for music festival lighting, to Core Wireless Uplighters for Wedding lighting. LUX Technical has lighting fixtures available to hire for all occasions.

Ayrton Moving Lights

Astera Wireless LED Lighting

Arri LED Lighting

Martin IP LED Lighting

SGM Flood, Strobe & Blinder

  • SGM Q-8

    Day Price: £ POA
    Week Price: £ POA

  • SGM P-6

    Day Price: £-
    Week Price: £110

Wireless LED Uplighters

Portman LED Luminaires

Tungsten Lighting

BC Festoon Lighting

ES Pendants & Festoon Lighting

Dimming & Switching

Data Processing & Networking

Lighting Control

Exhibition & Display Lighting

Haze & Smoke Machines