LSC Gen VI Dimmer

Day Price: £60
Week Price: £90

The GenVI represents the sixth generation of dimmers designed by LSC over its 35 year history and is built on their extensive experience for today’s complex lighting and power control. The new GenVI Advanced Dimming System allows you to configure any of its outputs in any combination, to be an 8 bit or 16 bit dimmer or a direct power relay channel using TruPower. This enables GenVI to dim traditional lamps or power moving lights, LED fixtures, video screens or audio power amplifiers.

  • TruPower Dimmer & Power Distribution
  • Combined MCB/RCD (RCBO) circuit breaker per channel
  • Dimmer channels can be 8 bit or 16 bit
  • Operates on Mains input voltages between 90V and 260V phase to neutral
  • Colour Touchscreen with simple and intuitive navigation
  • RDM – Remote Device Management enabled

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