Panasonic AW-RP150 PTZ Control Panel

Day Price: £150
Week Price: £450

The Panasonic AW-RP150 joins the Panasonic remote camera controller line, with significant improvements including a new one-hand operation joystick (controlling PTZ or Focus) and a large touch-panel LCD screen for monitoring and menu setting.

A seesaw level mounted on the joystick manages pan and tilt operations for zoom and focus control and intuitive single-handed operation. The built in touch display allows for easy and quick operation of all essential camera functions.

Ideal for controlling Panasonic AW-UE100 4K PTZ cameras.

  • Large touchscreen for easy usability
  • Joystick for one-handed operation
  • Simplified PTZ camera presets and tracing memory
  • Intuitive design elements based on direct feedback from everyday robotic camera operators
  • 3G-SDI Active Through Output, 5x RS-422, LAN PoE+, 2x GPIOs
  • Zoom on an angled seesaw lever

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